ACE President Ruth Schagemann: It's time to act!


As the European Parliament elections approach, Ruth Schagemann, President of the Architects' Council of Europe (ACE), has been tirelessly and persuasively advocating for the architectural community's priorities for the next European Parliament in various ways. MEPs are called to action and architects are called to the polls — also in the ACE Manifesto.

"Now is the time to act to ensure high quality architecture and living environments for all," she said when she met European Parliament President Robert Metsola in May, and continues to stress the importance of high quality architecture in meeting today's challenges and creating good living conditions for all. "Good public procurement procedures and architectural competitions are needed to achieve this." Schagemann has pointed out that, unfortunately, this is not currently the case in many EU Member States. "The EU Parliament's support for improving the Public Procurement Directive is very important. Such improvements should improve the prospects for small businesses and new entrants, favour quality and innovative approaches, including architectural design competitions, and include a new chapter on intellectual services," said Schagemann.

Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, has repeatedly noted that the export of quality services is vital for the future economic growth of the European bloc and its position in the world economy. "The increasing internationalisation of European architectural practices is therefore essential in moving towards a more sustainable future. Thanks to their expertise and experience in combating the effects of climate change, architects now play an unprecedented political role," says Metsola.

ACE President Schagemann stresses that architects have the skills needed to radically transform our built environment, making it less energy and resource intensive, more resilient to climate change and more inclusive. As the elections approach, she has reiterated ACE's support for the New European Bauhaus and the Davos Declaration as key policy initiatives to support the transition to a more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive living environment.

Metsola's video message, delivered at ACE's Internationalisation of the Profession and New European Bauhaus conference in April, can be watched here.

More about ACE's objectives and the manifesto launched especially before the European elections can be viewed and downloaded here.