International competition "Elektrum Drive electric vehicle charging station design concept"


The number of electric vehicle charging stations is rapidly increasing in the Baltic States, also visually transforming public spaces. Elektrum Drive, the leading charging network, is organizing an international scetch design competition to create a unified design concept for 90 high-power charging stations, emphasizing sustainability. This project is a unique opportunity for architects and designers to influence the Baltic landscape. The total prize and compensation fund for the competition is 15 750 euros.

The electric vehicle charging station network is rapidly developing in the Baltic States, significantly changing public spaces visually. As the leader in this sector, Elektrum Drive aims to offer high-quality and sustainable design solutions for charging stations in the Baltic States.

To promote the quality of public spaces, where functionality is combined with modern design requirements, Elektrum Drive is organizing a scetch design competition for charging stations. This project will significantly impact the landscape of the Baltic States, as it will be implemented in at least 90 locations. This provides industry professionals with the opportunity to influence the landscape in all countries. Therefore, the international competition "Elektrum Drive electric vehicle charging station design concept" invites participation from architectural firms, landscape architects, designers, and students.

"Electromobility is already a sustainable part of our lifestyle. Now it is time to provide it with modern design and functionality solutions in public spaces. An electric vehicle charging station is fundamentally different from a fossil fuel filling station—it uses green energy for green transportation. Elektrum Drive has the most extensive charging network in the Baltics with the most visible station coverage, so we are looking for creative and knowledgeable partners to shape the landscape of Latvia and the Baltic region," says Ansis Valdovskis, Director of Baltic Electric Vehicle Charging at AS "Latvenergo".

The aim of the competition is to develop a unified design program concept for high-power charging stations. When creating the station design concept, special attention should be paid to:

- Promoting the visibility of Elektrum Drive stations,
- Sustainable and flexible design solutions,
- Design functionality that serves user convenience, including various landscape elements such as canopies, illuminated pylons, and benches, as defined in the competition materials.

The total prize and compensation fund for the competition is 15 750 euros. A collaboration contract worth 10 000 euros will be signed with the competition winner.

Prizes for the first round submissions:

1st place: 3500 euros;
2nd place: 1250 euros;
3rd place: 1000 euros.
Sketch submissions for the first round are accepted from June 27 to August 11th, 2024, through the electronic procurement system LEIS under the number "CA-7010/LE". Link to the competition here.

Elektrum Drive, the leader in the public charging market in the Baltic States, plans to reach 800 public connection points in the Baltics this year. This number includes the first high-power areas with 300 kW charging capacity. By the end of 2025, 90 high-power charging stations with 4 connection points each are planned to be built in Latvia and Estonia, for which the design competition is being held.