TAB 2024 Installation Competition


The Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB) 2024, which will take place from October 9 to December 1, has announced its Installation Programme Competition: "For This Situation". With a submission deadline on May 15, 2024, the Installation Competition challenges participants to develop creative designs for a temporary outdoor installation at Tallinn's busiest local transportation hub — the Balti Jaam. The Pavilion is located on the edge of the largely intact Tallinn Bastion Belt, which encircles Tallinn’s UNESCO-protected medieval Old Town.

The winning proposal of the Installation Programme Competition will serve as a waiting area for the passengers of the local bus lines. During TAB 2024 a 1:1 fragment of the winning proposal will be built. The project should draw inspiration by the concept of standing still, an act of killing time and needing shelter.

The Installation Programme Competition aligns with TAB 2024’s main theme “Resources for a Future”, which was conceived by the curatorial team Daniel A. Walser, Anhelina L. Starkova and Jaan Kuusemets, and delves into different principles of using our resources, in architecture, building materials or urban planning.
Organisers of the competition encourages participants to explore new ways of using repurposed, reused resources and use bio-based materials to create a durable installation.

The winning proposal will be awarded €3000 prize designated as a creator’s fee. The total budget allocated for installation is €12 000.

Further information and the competition brief can be found on TAB's website.